Classroom Rules and Procedures

Classroom Rules and Procedures

Our classroom has three basic rules:

- Please be respectful.
- Please be be on task.
- Please be follow directions.

Level System

Our students work through a four tiered level system. Each day students will earn points to move up the levels. Each day they will be able to earn up to 3 steps on the level system. 

Our four levels are:


Each day your student will bring home a daily behavior sheet. The sheet will tell you how their day was and if they had a Star Day and earned their points. Please sign this sheet and send it back each day. 

Students will have the opportunity to earn rewards throughout the day. Rewards can include:

-red tickets
-free time

On Fridays, we will have Free Time Friday. If students have had Star Days all week and have earned enough DOJO points, they will be able to attend the Free Time Friday and enjoy some free time with friends and a snack. Students who are not eligible to attend will be participating in lessons based upon student needs.

We work with the students to build FINISH HERE

You can check out our Class Dojo link that will show you how your kiddo is doing throughout the day. Feel free to check it out in the Important Links section